Soft-skills training for women in construction

The project High Heels - Building Opportunities for Women in Construction is a 24-month initiative, implemented within the framework of Lifelong Learning Programme, Transfer of Innovation, co-funded by the European Union. Its main objective is to combat gender discrimination and inequalities in the workplace by updating, adapting, localising and translating the award winning ‘Best Training Programme’ (2010): ‘Women and Work: Sector Pathways Initiative’ implemented in the UK. The project is implemented by a European consortium involving partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Cyprus.

High Heels will enable women to successfully enter, remain and advance in the male-dominated construction sector. Through the customised training courses, one for managers and one for employees, the project will equip women with essential soft skills in several critical areas to facilitate their work performance and professional experience. Among others, High Heels will provide know-how on how to work with confidence, effective leadership, conflict management, successful negotiations, how to deal with difficult people and strength identification.